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Jobless, penniless, and, above all, hopeless, the unmotivated patriarch, Ki-taek, and his equally unambitious family--his supportive wife, Chung-sook; his cynical twentysomething daughter, Ki-jung, and his college-age son, Ki-woo--occupy themselves by working for peanuts in their squalid basement-level apartment. Then, by sheer luck, a lucrative business proposition will pave the way for an ingeniously insidious scheme, as Ki-woo summons up the courage to pose as an English tutor for the teenage daughter of the affluent Park family. Now, the stage seems set for an unceasing winner-take-all class war. How does one get rid of a parasite?. Duration 132Minute. genre Comedy. Rating 9,1 of 10. directors Bong Joon Ho. Scores 385738 votes

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They should have received an art award. Why does this comments section consist of 115% People Defending Them Speaking Korean and -27% People actually complaining. I scrolled down for like 7 mins and didn"t see a single complaint but infinite defences. I"m so confused was this all bc of one guy or something lmao. 6:15 I really love how Mrs. Park and Mr. Kim ascends to the stairs in frame 49. It"s as if they"re riding an escalator. It was done so smoothly. And her horrified reaction as she sees the house lady coughing.


I love how sutil but powerful and clear was the movie progression. It start as a comedy, goes to a blood chilling thriller and end as a deep drama. it was fantastic. Everyone- Whos here after the Oscars? Me- We all are, Karen. ??. The Beauty of The Farewell. I like to say thats true dont be angry. Korean movie have more emotional and really acting more than Hollywood. Hollywood is best in hero and adventure. But Korean more really and thats important for us we live in real life all people need wake up feeling life we more living together human animal earth. And in the end korean best in crime and drama and mystery and sad and funny movies all is best. This people understand when saw it Korean movie who agree.

Best dark comedy i"ve ever watch. This movie made me into an intellectual.

I did it! I watched and read it. It was original for sure and amazing ???? ???

Very soft crime i absolutely adore these two men hahaha

When Park Seo Joon comes by, I was like. I know this dude. because the face wasn"t clear and I"m blind af, it took me awhile. but then he screams (curses) and I was like AH YES THATS HIM ALRIGHT, MY BOI SEO JOONIE I know this is very stupid, but for me personally, I was so happy I was able to identify him through his way of acting and his voice alone. FUN FACT: Yang Jin-Mo the editor used 11 year old discontinued software final cut pro 7 to edit. He"s nominated for best editing at the Oscars this year. This movie made me want to learn about Korean culture, couldn"t make a better goal for a piece of art I think.

No matter what the Oscars is my 2019 Best Picture. In the future, when they look back and make a list of the things the Oscars got right, Parasite will be on top of that list.


Just watched this. its so good. Everything from the theme of it to the cinematography. beautiful to watch and insightful. Maybe my favorite from last year. I"m sorry, am I missing something here? Every celebrity, message board poster and even the former President of the United States Obama are saying this was the best movie of the year.
It"s just not good! Why is this being considered one of the best of the year? I"m totally lost. This is one of the most forgettable movies I have ever seen. To put it bluntly, even Michael Bay"s worst Transformers movie is better than this dreck.
I came into this movie thinking it was going to be the next City of God based on the hype. It"s actually on the level of a movie on Netflix that I"d spend five minutes on before skipping to the next film and clicking "thumbs down."
Don"t waste your time, trust me on this.
I forgot to add, it"s very obvious that whoever made this movie ripped off Shameless in many ways. They were definitely inspired by it.

Actually Americans are already late on recorgnizing their FILMs and me Korean Movies and Korean dramas are one of the Best movies Ive seen.(Old Boy, Parasite, The Man from Nowhere, The Host, Train to Busan, Miracle in Cell No. 7,The Masquerade) No wonder many people around the world are addicted in Korean dramas and movies, because their plot are so unpredictable and very unique. This is actually the openig credit they just remove the names that is why the first shot is long. The only movie where you care for every character almost equally.

As an Indian, I love how they"re not bothered about speaking in English, unlike us.
Choi woo shik is so cute and talented! He has so much movies this year. Can"t wait to view them all.
This movie is a MASTERPIECE, however we know that all those BUMS from Hollywood will attempt to a steal the best picture award from it. I"m encouraging everyone to watch this movie.

I think this might be the best video that you have made. (Just my opinion. I love how he always us the other dude why, like it feels like a teacher move an English teacher to be precise. Lol. I want them to break down the whole movie HAHAHA i am so curious of all the details the director have added. Personally prefer "Burning" but this one offers more dramatic scenes.


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